Omega opened its doors in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland in 1848 as a small pocket watch shop owned by the Brandt family. In just over 50 years, Omega became the largest watch company in Switzerland, manufacturing over 240,000 watches annually. Since that time, Omega has made countless contributions to watch-making history, including the first watch on the moon, followed by five subsequent lunar landings, the first divers’ watch, the world’s only certified marine chronometer watch, the James Bond watch, and more records for accuracy than any other watch company. Omega has also been the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932.




The OMEGA Seamaster is noted to be a reliable, resilient, and recognisable, the Seamaster collection is OMEGA’s longest running collection, 72 years in fact. No other watch collection is so thoroughly entrenched in the identity of the Biel/Bienne based brand, and a look back through OMEGA’s history since 1948, renders the Seamaster most impressive.

OMEGA Constellation, named after the eight stars embolized on its crest, the Constellation was launched by OMEGA in 1952. Because of its high-quality construction and unfaltering precision, the Constellation quickly became known as, “the Swiss watch”.

The eight stars on the Constellation medallion represent eight precision records that OMEGA set at Kew-Teddington and the Geneva Observatory during the mid-20th century. The iconic engraving of the stars and the observatory are in the homage to these results, as well as the incredible accuracy that the Constellation watch offered, and still offers, to consumers.

The OMEGA Speedmaster is one of OMEGA’s most iconic timepieces. Having been a part of all six lunar missions, the legendary Speedmaster is an impressive representation of the brand’s adventurous pioneering spirit.

The OMEGA De Ville Prestige collection has attracted a large and loyal following with its classic, elegant design. These timepieces are characterised by pure styling with luxury finishes, and exude a timeless design.